Monday, November 22, 2010

Austin Edition: Chuy's

We're in Austin for Thanksgiving so will be visiting some of our favorite restaurants in the Capitol of the Lone Star State:

You can't go to Austin, Texas and not have some Tex-Mex. Top of our list is Chuy's because of it's delicious, fresh food and wacky, weird decor.

 While you wait for your table you can hang out in the bar area and grab a basket of chips & some salsa from the back of an old car which has been converted for this purpose. However, you have to specially request the Jalapeno Ranch. Only true Austinites know this trick. Their tortillas are made on premises which make their chips super tasty. Their chips & salsa are so good that I find it completely impossible to pace myself and am often full once my entree arrives.  Also take note of their signature "Sanitized for your protection" pack that all the silverware comes in. Kitchy and comforting.

Hubcap Room
 Example of the decor that makes this place a true Austin original. Now you're probably starting to understand those "Keep Austin Weird" shirts you've been seeing.

Verde Enchiladas
Personally, I'm a sucker for their verde enchiladas, but everything here is good. Like I said, just try to hold back on the chips & salsa so you can truly enjoy. The good news is that their food reheats very well, so take your leftovers home! More good news: they have locations ALL around Austin, so there is sure to be one near wherever you are.

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