Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finding Treasure at Foragers City Table

Menu & Beers
We were exploring Chelsea today after a week away and found that the space next to the Gem Hotel on 22nd St & 9th Ave has finally unveiled as Foragers City Table & Grocer (& Wine!). A modern and light farm to market/table space. We vowed to return for dinner in the evening to check it out.

Tasty Taco Treats at Tacombi

Tacombi Cart
The Tacombi cart showed up in Chelsea Market a few months ago, but I hadn't had a chance to check it out yet. So when The Mr. and I were hunting around the neighborhood for an afternoon snack it seemed like as good a time as any to see if they pass our Texas Taco Test.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hot Diggity Crif Dogs

Crif Dogs
I had always hoped to come to Crif Dogs one night in order to go to PDT via the phone booth and for that reason, it had never occurred to me to just...go to Crif Dogs itself. So when my friend suggested we go there for brunch I was thoroughly thrown off. But I'm a flexible person, so we hopped in a cab.

Anejo Tequileria To Kill Some Time

Anejo Tequileria
My friend and I were wandering around the Theatre District between shows, looking for a little place to grab a drink when we spied this charming little tequileria on the corner of 47th and 10th Ave. The doors and windows were flung wide open, letting in the sunlight and surprisingly fresh breeze.

A Very Gilded Lillie's

I had had a disappointing experience with the Lillie's location in Flatiron a couple years back, but decided to give it another shot at a pre-theatre brunch because I was seeing Once and I'm a sucker for musical/meal pairings. We were immediately enamored with the Victorian decor as soon as we walked in the door. Like it's Flatiron sister, every square inch is lavishly decorated, but this location is much bigger, making it an even larger impact.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Go To: Kyotofu

Kyotofu Goodies
I was wandering around Hell's Kitchen with some friends, when one of them suggested getting some desserts from Kyotofu. I was intrigued by this tiny Japanese restaurant/bakery packed with people. I hadn't heard of it before, but I seemed to be in the minority. We fought our way in the door to get our little snacks and ate them out on the sidewalk. I was extremely full from dinner, so just got the cute little Matcha Green Tea Mini Cupcake, but everything looked AMAZING. I have mentally bookmarked this place for a romantic date night with The Mr. sometime in the (hopefully) near future!

Kyotofu on Urbanspoon

Don't Miss Miss Korea

Miss Korea BBQ
Had a few out-of-towners to entertain and I was in charge of picking the place to eat. Usually, I'm OK with this pressure, but these guys were foodies, so it was time to step it up. I really love introducing people to cuisines that they can't get in their hometowns and Korean BBQ is usually a good choice. One of my Korean-American friends had high praise for Miss Korea, so I took a gamble and told them to meet me there.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Day of Smorgasburg 2012

What's a food blogger to do with an out-of-town guest on a beautiful Saturday day in Spring? Well, if it just happens to be the first weekend of Smorgasburg, this is a no brainer. There's no easier way to get a taste of The Big Apple in one convenient location.

So without further ado, here's our coverage of our first 2012 visit...

Friday, April 6, 2012

All a twitter for Pio Pio

I've heard great things about Pio Pio, so when me and The Mr. were going to see a movie at the Kips Bay Movie Theater with a group of friends, I suggested we meet there. It's always a bit nerve racking to suggest a place you've never actually been to with a group, so when we sat down and looked at the menu I was a bit nervous. The menu is pretty limited. You come here for Peruvian rotisserie chicken, you get Peruvian rotisserie chicken. (To be fair, there's a seafood platter too).

No Monkey Business at Casa Mono

Casa Mono
I was in Gramercy this afternoon time today with my Dad looking for a place to eat. I knew it was finally time to check out Mario Batali's Casa Mono. It was the awkward time between lunch and dinner, so I thought we wouldn't have a problem finding a table, but to my surprise, the place was packed. We were able to get a couple of seats at the bar, and after a good while, we were finally noticed and brought some bread.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Window into Ventanas

Ham Croquettes y Empanadas
I walk by Ventanas almost every day and love the decor I can see from the outside, so the second I saw a Bloomspot Voucher I snapped it up to go try it out. Seemed like a good place to try for a girls' night with a girlfriend, so I called her up and arranged a date.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update: Katz's

Katz's Pastrami
Ok, my initial love of Katz's hasn't changed, I just wanted to repost with my new, fancier camera. It's still a great place to grab an amazing pastrami sandwich and some half sours!

Katz's Deli on Urbanspoon