Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Very Gilded Lillie's

I had had a disappointing experience with the Lillie's location in Flatiron a couple years back, but decided to give it another shot at a pre-theatre brunch because I was seeing Once and I'm a sucker for musical/meal pairings. We were immediately enamored with the Victorian decor as soon as we walked in the door. Like it's Flatiron sister, every square inch is lavishly decorated, but this location is much bigger, making it an even larger impact.

My friend ordered the Irish Breakfast, and I took a bite of the rashers, sausage, blood pudding and soda bread to check for authenticity (I'm second generation Irish, so know the real deal when I taste it). This meal passed my inspection with flying colors.
Irish Breakfast
 I wasn't feeling up for such a hearty breakfast however, so ordered the french toast topped with fresh fruit. Light, fluffy, fresh, fantastic!
French Toast
 Oh and here's another picture of the bar, just because I was so in love the the decor.

I am so glad I didn't let my experience with the Flatiron location stop me from checking out the Times Square one, because this is a great Ace to have up my sleeve. I'm always looking for great pre-theatre's spots to add to my repertoire!

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