Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Window into Ventanas

Ham Croquettes y Empanadas
I walk by Ventanas almost every day and love the decor I can see from the outside, so the second I saw a Bloomspot Voucher I snapped it up to go try it out. Seemed like a good place to try for a girls' night with a girlfriend, so I called her up and arranged a date.

We got to choose four small plates and wound up ordering the ham croquettes, empanadas, shrimp and lamb sausage with couscous. The food was good, but hard to see. The lights were down super low (hence the extremely low quality pictures), definitely more of a clubby feel than a restaurant. Also, the music was pretty loud, although it was live and had accompanying flamenco dancing, so pretty cool.
Lamb Sausage and Couscous
We were still trying to decide where we stood on the whole club/restaurant vibe when we noticed that the couple two tables down from us were MAKING OUT. And not just a little. Full on making out action. Oh and yes, they were definitely too old for that kind of shenanigans. This was pretty distracting, so we barely got to enjoy our bunuelos (fried yucca with glassed brown sugar) before rushing out of the door.

 Boiled down to one sentence, Ventanas is Chelsea meets Meatpacking. If you're looking for a swanky, clubby place to get something to eat before hitting the bars in MePa, this place is for you. Me? I'll be sticking to the tapas places deeper inland.

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