Friday, April 6, 2012

All a twitter for Pio Pio

I've heard great things about Pio Pio, so when me and The Mr. were going to see a movie at the Kips Bay Movie Theater with a group of friends, I suggested we meet there. It's always a bit nerve racking to suggest a place you've never actually been to with a group, so when we sat down and looked at the menu I was a bit nervous. The menu is pretty limited. You come here for Peruvian rotisserie chicken, you get Peruvian rotisserie chicken. (To be fair, there's a seafood platter too).
On the other hand, this made the group ordering process a heck of a lot easier. We basically left it up to our server to bring how much chicken he thought we'd need for the five of us including the fries, avocado salad, tostones, and beans & rice. Then we just got enough consensus for a pitcher of sangria and we had us a meal.

Pio Pio Chicken
The sides were great. I mean, come on, french fries mixed with sausage,  they're doing something right. Everyone also really enjoyed the avocado salad, even the non-veggie lovers. But then there was the chicken. Tremendous! Super moist and amazing with the green sauce. The sauce has that of slow burn spiciness to it, and truth be told I would eat it on ANYthing.

My gamble paid off and we were all very satisfied with our meal! I highly recommend trying one of their many locations around the city.

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