Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hooked by Mary's Fish Camp

Lobster Roll
Hi there you little softie

Our quest is to find our favorite lobster rolls in the city and the main competitor to Luke's is Mary's Fish House. Unlike Luke's it is a sit down, full service restaurant, however, it doesn't actually seat that many more people. In an attempt to avoid the long wait we got there 15 minutes before it opened and guess what? There was already a line. People love this Fish Camp.

We were still in the first round of seating so got a little table and ordered a bottle of wine, the oysters, and of course, a round of lobster rolls! I also tried the soft shell crab with jalapeno and some kind of delicious green chile sauce. Personally, I didn't care as much for Mary's lobster rolls as Luke's since it definitely has more mayo/sauce. The Mr's verdict was that he liked them both and could see himself being in the mood for a saucy version or a less saucy version. The oysters were amazing (some of the best we've ever had) and we also really enjoyed the shoe string fries.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Good Grub at Grimaldi's

Finally, I get to experience the legend that is Grimaldi's. Took a little stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge and got in the legendary line and hunkered down for a wait. But we only had to wait about 20-30 minutes which was really not bad, especially on a Friday night. Was worth the trek AND the wait, this is some darned good pizza. Can't WAIT until the Limelight Marketplace opens up around the corner.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

S'mac: Lays the smac down

After checking out a Moth StorySLAM with some out of town guests we found ourselves starving and in the East Village with some vegetarians. S'Mac has been in my bookmarks for a while and when I mentioned it they were keen. It's nothin fancy, a walk up counter with some plastic table and chairs, but we were there for the food and not a dining experience, so not a problem. I sprung for the Garden Lite and my companions got the Masala, Alpine, and 4 Cheese. We were all completely satisfied and full very quickly. Another little place that lives up to the hype.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fiorello: Still a hit!

When I was little every year my grandmother would take me in to Lincoln Center to see the Nutcracker and we would always eat at Cafe Fiorello. I was actually a little nervous to come back since I feared it wouldn't live up to the bar set by all my happy childhood memories. The menu has changed a bit and no longer could I find the gnocchi that I always got when I was little, which was for the best since I went for the vegetable antipasti plate instead. At the end of the meal we ordered cappuccinos and skipped the profiteroles, but only because we were too full- I'm sure they are still just as good as they were all those years ago. Cafe Fiorello is a perfect pre-show meal if you are in the Lincoln Center area.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Totto does Soba

I have Totto Ramen on my list of Ramen places to try, but just found out that Totto also has restaurants for Sushi, Yakitori, and Soba. Now I can't say for sure since I'm extremely white, but Soba Totto felt very authentic. I was highly appreciative of a little 'how to eat soba' menu insert which made me feel much more welcome to ask questions of our very sweet waitress. We asked for her recommendations and wound up going with a cold and hot soba dish. So good. I definitely don't think that the fresh, subtle flavors of soba translate as easily to American taste buds as other Japanese cuisine, but I find it deliciously light and refreshing.

As a bonus Soba Totto is only a couple of blocks away from Grand Central so we went over to get an eyeful, pick up some Magnolia cupcakes, and catch the subway back home. We got a red velvet cupcake and a coconut cupcake from Magnolia and wanted to compare it to Billy's, but didn't feel equipped to claim a winner without having them side by side. I think it's safe to say they are both very yummy.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I heart Artichoke

I always thought Artichoke Basille and I would come together under very different circumstances. Mostly me wandering around drunk and it being delicious greasy food available at 2am in the East Village. Surprisingly, when I did come to have my first slice of Artichoke it was in broad daylight in Chelsea and I was decidedly sober. The Mr. and I split a slice (of the Artichoke of course) which was a good call because it is incredibly rich. Imagine your favorite restaurant artichoke dip slathered on pizza dough. Yep, you've got it. Yummy, but oh so wrong. Our dining companion opted for their margarita slice and spoke of it highly. If it's this good sober, I can't wait to enjoy it after a night of hearty drinking.

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Deep in the Heart of Hill Country

It didn't take long for two Texans in NYC to learn about Hill Country BBQ and since it came highly recommended from other Texans, we were eager to check it out. We had the brilliant idea of going to watch the UT v Texas Tech game, but didn't realize what a hot ticket it is to score a spot downstairs. Instead we went ahead and ate in the regular dining room and then watched the game on a small TV in the bar area.

With a bottle of Lone Star, our table full of brisket, ribs, green bean casserole & corn pudding, and a sea full of burnt orange it was hard to believe we were in New York. This BBQ would definitely pass in Texas, but of course it couldn't beat some of our favorites. Just goes to show that NYC is a magical city where you can get anything your little heart desires and there's not much to miss from the places you've left behind (except of course for the people).

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Hill Country Chicken: Off to a Hilly Start

Took a group trip to check out the latest addition to the neighborhood Hill Country Chicken. Since it's run by the same folks who do the famous Hill Country BBQ we went with high hopes. There was a ridiculous line, but that was expected since we were there on the Friday night after it's grand opening. The decor is simply adorable, like someone's Grandma's country kitchen, and the staff were efficient, but very willing to help you navigate the ordering process. We filled up our table with Hill Country Classic & Mama El's chicken, Biscuits, Blistered Corn Salad, and Cheesy Fried Mashed Potatoes. We were also super excited to discover Boylan's on tap.

The verdict, unfortunately we found the food just disappointing. The chicken was good, but not good enough to come back for, the biscuits were probably the best thing they had going, and a lot of it was just kind of dry or not as flavorful as one would wish. Well, The Mr and I are planning on finally checking out Hill Country BBQ for the Texas Longhorn football game tomorrow night, and we've been assured we won't be disappointed.

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