Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hooked by Mary's Fish Camp

Lobster Roll
Hi there you little softie

Our quest is to find our favorite lobster rolls in the city and the main competitor to Luke's is Mary's Fish House. Unlike Luke's it is a sit down, full service restaurant, however, it doesn't actually seat that many more people. In an attempt to avoid the long wait we got there 15 minutes before it opened and guess what? There was already a line. People love this Fish Camp.

We were still in the first round of seating so got a little table and ordered a bottle of wine, the oysters, and of course, a round of lobster rolls! I also tried the soft shell crab with jalapeno and some kind of delicious green chile sauce. Personally, I didn't care as much for Mary's lobster rolls as Luke's since it definitely has more mayo/sauce. The Mr's verdict was that he liked them both and could see himself being in the mood for a saucy version or a less saucy version. The oysters were amazing (some of the best we've ever had) and we also really enjoyed the shoe string fries.

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