Friday, September 17, 2010

Hill Country Chicken: Off to a Hilly Start

Took a group trip to check out the latest addition to the neighborhood Hill Country Chicken. Since it's run by the same folks who do the famous Hill Country BBQ we went with high hopes. There was a ridiculous line, but that was expected since we were there on the Friday night after it's grand opening. The decor is simply adorable, like someone's Grandma's country kitchen, and the staff were efficient, but very willing to help you navigate the ordering process. We filled up our table with Hill Country Classic & Mama El's chicken, Biscuits, Blistered Corn Salad, and Cheesy Fried Mashed Potatoes. We were also super excited to discover Boylan's on tap.

The verdict, unfortunately we found the food just disappointing. The chicken was good, but not good enough to come back for, the biscuits were probably the best thing they had going, and a lot of it was just kind of dry or not as flavorful as one would wish. Well, The Mr and I are planning on finally checking out Hill Country BBQ for the Texas Longhorn football game tomorrow night, and we've been assured we won't be disappointed.

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