Saturday, May 31, 2014

Giving Joseph Leonard a Go

Joseph Leonard: Bloody Caesar & Michelada
Joseph Leonard has been on my to try brunch list for ages now, so when the opportunity arose on a beautiful spring afternoon we headed off to the West Village to give it a shot. We usually don't order drinks at brunch, but their Bloody Marys looked like a serious opportunity not to be missed. I ordered the Bloody Caesar with vodka, clamato, and sriracha garnished with a deep-fried bacon-wrapped brussels sprout and an oyster. Heck yah.

Friday, May 30, 2014

TMS keepin it Amazeballs in Chelsea

The Meatball Shop: Sliders, Kitchen Sink Salad, Risotto,
White Beans, & Chelsea Pie
We loved the original location of The Meatball Shop on the LES, but it was quite the trek so we didn't make it down that way very often. Imagine how excited we are to have a Chelsea location now. OK, yes, it's actually old news and for some reason I thought I already posted about it, but to my surprise I haven't done a post yet so I needed to correct this wrong.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Le Bon Temps a Le Grainne Cafe

Le Grainne Cafe: Escargot en Demi-Douzaine
Now that the weather has finally become pleasant enough, we've crawled out of hibernation to revisit some of our favorite Chelsea spots. Le Grainne Cafe has been one of our favorites since we discovered it a couple of years ago

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Houston: Coltivare

Coltivare: Exterior
We were on a little trip to Houston and wanted to check out the The Heights neighborhood. We drove and strolled around a bit and found it every bit as lovely as we heard. Finally, we were hungry and wanted a place to eat. There were a lot of choices, but I was drawn to the rather nondescript from the outside Coltivare by the promise of fresh ingredients straight from the garden in the back.