Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Grand Time at Le Grainne Cafe

We've lived in Chelsea for 8 months now and only a few blocks away from the highly recommended Le Grainne Cafe. Recently, yet another person was talking about it, and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I knew we had to get to this place post-haste.

We arrived a little after 11 and had about a 20 minute wait. I was expecting this since I always see people waiting outside when we walk by. Finally, we were ushered to a table, this is a truly crammed little place in true NYC fashion. We ordered our coffee and enjoyed some deliciously crisp and fresh bread and butter.

Bread & Butter 
I was already feeling like I was in a cafe in France. Note that I haven't been to France (yet), but this is exactly how I imagine it. The waitstaff all had french accents, the pace was leisurely, and the bread and butter were well above average American fare.

After a bit of a wait, our food arrived. After some internal struggle, I ordered the Ouef Maison: a poached egg on a goat cheese potato cake over ratatouille. It went against my nature not to order crepes in a French cafe, but my conscious cleared quickly when I took my first bite. Wow. Just amazing. I'm normally not one for runny egg dripping down and mixing with the rest of the dish, but in this case it was perfect. 

Oeuf Maison on Ratatouille
The Mr., a lover of the breakfast sandwich, ordered the Croque Madame and was one happy camper.

Croque Madame
And that's how this little cafe went from being a place we walked by on the weekends, to a place we plan to walk to on the weekends.

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