Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keepin it trashy at The Trailer Park Lounge

I love a complete commitment to a theme, so have been wanting to check out The Trailer Park Lounge complete with toilet bowl out front. We had some time to kill after getting our tickets to the free ASSSSCAT 3000 show at the UCB Theatre around the corner, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I was not disappointed with their ability to deliver on the theme. The inside was everything you could hope for.

Complete with this mannequin chick chilling in the bathtub where they keep beers.

The menu was appropriately themed and we enthusiastically got the grilled cheese and some tater tots. Exactly what you'd expect. Here I'd usually make some snarky comment along the lines of 'how could you screw up grilled cheese and tater tots', but then I think back to our experience at Big Daddy's on Park Ave and shudder.
Grilled Cheese & Tots
I'm always looking for more relaxed places in Chelsea so it's nice to have this place in my back pocket next time I want a laid back Miller Lite in a kitchy atmosphere.

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