Saturday, May 31, 2014

Giving Joseph Leonard a Go

Joseph Leonard: Bloody Caesar & Michelada
Joseph Leonard has been on my to try brunch list for ages now, so when the opportunity arose on a beautiful spring afternoon we headed off to the West Village to give it a shot. We usually don't order drinks at brunch, but their Bloody Marys looked like a serious opportunity not to be missed. I ordered the Bloody Caesar with vodka, clamato, and sriracha garnished with a deep-fried bacon-wrapped brussels sprout and an oyster. Heck yah.

Joseph Leonard: Warm Mushroom Panzanella
Foodwise, I ordered the Warm Mushroom Panzanella. In each bite I made sure to get some bread, mushroom, egg yolk, gruyere, and arugula because the umami richness contrasted beautifully with the acidity of the sherry vinegar.

Joseph Leonard: Saucisson a L'ail
The Mr. ordered the Saucisson a L'ail. I was shocked that he didn't go for the Egg Sandwich, but was excited for the opportunity to try their famous hashbrowns. The finally shredded potato offers a unique texture fried to perfection.

The bartenders were super energetic and friendly, this place was small & bustling. Not the scene for a relaxed afternoon, definitely on the trendy side.

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