Friday, June 6, 2014

Clover Club is still Acing It

Clover Club: Improved Whisky Cocktail

Tonight we attended the special RadioLoveFest taping of one of my favorite podcasts, Ask Me Another. While The Mr doesn't listen to podcasts, I've taken him to both of Radiolab's live events and knew he would enjoy special Very Important Puzzlers Robert Krulwich & Jad Abumrad. I also suspected he would be excited by special musical guest They Might be Giants. And I was right. It was a delightful event and afterward we wanted to keep the party going and explore more of what Brooklyn has to offer. Before the show, we had grabbed a couple of burgers at Smashburger, but we were ready for some cocktails and another nosh.

When I had first moved to NYC one of my friends had come to visit and we went out with one of her friends who lived in Carroll Gardens and took us on a mini tour of his neighborhood. I absolutely fell in love with the Clover Club and vowed to bring The Mr one day. While I intended for "one day" to be much sooner, at last it finally happened.

We grabbed a Magic Hour and a Vieux Carre at the bar while we waited for a table to open up. I was actually a bit nervous that the reason I had swooned so hard for this place on my last visit was that it was all so novel to me and that now as a seasoned veteran of cocktail lounges it would lose some of it's shine. While it was a legit concern, Clover Club held up as one of the best. Splendid drinks in an absolutely charming atmosphere, this is one of my favorite types of places NYC has to offer and I always feel transported and relaxed. 

Last time I was here I only had drinks, but this time we got a few selections off of their food menu too. We started with the Crisps. Sound boring? What if I said they were tossed in duck fat and served with truffled creme fraiche? Yeah, that's right. Absolutely divine. 

Clover Club: Crisps
We're also suckers for a well made deviled egg so were exicted by the Deviled Eggs served four ways: house smoked trout, bacon, garlic bread crumbs, and mushrooms.

Clover Club: Deviled Eggs with Four Flavors
There were a lot of other dishes we were tempted to try, but sadly our stomachs are only so big. Our waitress assured us that the Fried Chicken was the way to go and she did right by us.

Clover Club: Fried Chicken
I was so happy to find the Clover Club held up as a really special NYC gem and worth a visit whether you find yourself nearby or need to go out of your way!

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