Saturday, June 21, 2014

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade: Dick Zigun

Today I made my first visit to Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Parade, a whimsical art parade that celebrates the Coney Island community and seaside spirit. To kick off the parade was no other than Dick Zigun himself aka "the Mayor of Coney Island" and original founder of the parade. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many good shots because my battery died halfway through. But here are a few:

Mermaid Parade: Sea Witch

Mermaid Parade: Guardian Mermaid

Mermaid Parade: Transformer
Yeah, I'm not sure what transformers have to do with Mermaids either, but by the way this guy was stopping to pant every few minutes, I'm guessing this costume weighs 70 pounds and was pretty neat.

After the parade it was time for food! My friend and I grabbed some tacos from Plaza Mexico Dona Zita. Again, no pictures due to a sad battery situation, but let's just say that when we were walking down the street someone stopped us to ask "Um, what is that and where can I get it" in utter jealousy. They were super tasty and totally hit the spot after a few hours having fun in the sun.

And here's a selection from my Instagram feed:

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