Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Make The Time for El Vez

Tonight I met a friend downtown for dinner and she recommended we walk over to El Vez. While I'm naturally skeptical of all Mexican food in NYC, I trusted her judgment and couldn't turn down the opportunity to eat outside on such a perfect evening. Apparently, many other people had the same idea because we were looking at a 30 minute wait. The time passed very quickly as we enjoyed some extremely refreshing Cucumber Mint Margaritas.

There was no question that we would be enjoying a bowl of their guacamole, so we ordered that as soon as we were seated. It was so creamy that we spent a while trying to figure out what their secret is (the goat cheese??). We then split an order of the Tuna Tostadas which were absolutely delightful. The piece de resistance was their Kale Salad which featured roasted peanuts, parsley, cabbage, & cojita cheese in an agave-lime vinaigrette dressing. The kale is blanched so is soft and not bitter and the unexpected toppings made this my favorite summer kale salad. It's the perfect seasonal counterpart to my autumn/winter kale salad favorite at Tipsy Parson.

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