Friday, June 20, 2014

Bar Hopping: Dear Irving, Amor y Amargo, Crif Dogs

Dear Irving: Samoa & True Patriot

After a pre-theatre jaunt to St. Andrews and watching The Realistic Joneses we weren't quite ready for our night to end. We walked almost all the way down to Penn Station before I was struck with a brilliant idea. Didn't the folks behind fabulous speakeasy Raines Law Room just open up a new cocktail establishment with 3 rooms that capture 3 eras? We were in a cab heading over to Gramercy within 2 minutes.

Luckily I knew the address, because while the door is not hidden, there is absolutely nothing indicating what the door at the top of the stairs leads to. To a passerby it looks like the entryway to a swank apartment building while those in the know confidently walk up to the entrance of Dear Irving. Since it's so new we were able to get a seat at the bar in 10 minutes without a reservation on a Friday night, but I don't think that is going to last long. We were seated on the 1923 side right next to the split to the 1960s. The decor and detail were exquisite and I felt completely transported.

Dear Irving: Santa Rosa & Whisky Business

Our mixologist Andres was an absolute delight and the cocktails were every bit as wonderful as the ambience. 
Round 1:

samoa ~ $15
genever, bourbon, crème de coconut, cacao
Drink your dessert, darling!
ideal patriot ~ $15
bourbon, calvados, angostura bitters, dash of spiced apple syrup
An old-fashioned variation, with 
notes of cinnamon, clove and apple
Round 2:
santa rosa ~ $15
pisco, cocchi rosa, sorel, lime, cherries
Floral but earthy, with hibiscus 
and baking spice singing through
whiskey business ~ $15
rye, ancho chile liqueur, cinnamon, lemon, angostura bitters
For those that like a kick, a whiskey 
backbone with a smoked pepper pop

Amor y Amargo: Window

Unfortunately, they still haven't started their food service, so after a couple of rounds we decided to venture on in pursuit of some snacks. We stopped by PDT and put our name on the list and then headed over to another one of our favorite cocktail parlors Amor y Amargo. It's a tiny little place, but the cocktails will knock your socks off. Just be careful because I only half mean that as an expression. These drinks will throw you for a loop if you're not careful.

Amor y Amargo

After enjoying a round at Amor y Amargo we realized that the night was growing very late and we would probably not make it another 2+ hours of quoted wait time at PDT. The best part about PDT is that even if you can't get in the fallback is the amazing Crif Dogs. So we headed back to Crif Dogs to end our night with a couple of our favorites: the Jon-Jon Deragon & Tater Tots.

Crif Dogs: Jon Jon Deragon & Tater Tots

Talk about a perfect night in NYC!

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