Monday, June 16, 2014

High Times in Highlands

Highlands: Scotch Egg
After some delightful cocktails and snacks from Employees Only, we were not quite ready to call it a night so headed East a few blocks to Highlands. We've attempted to come to this bar many times because we hear they have a great Scotch Egg, but we tend to swing by on Friday & Saturday nights and this place is hopping. Walking in on a Monday night, they were still doing good business, but it was calm & relaxed and totally unrecognizeable from the scene we were used to.

We struck up a lovely conversation with our server Rod who was extremely knowledgeable in Scotch and let us try several absolutely delightful Scotches before we settled upon ordering a dram of the Edalour & the Scapa. After this sampling fun, we realized it would be prudent to get a bit more food in our bellies so we ordered several appetizers: The Scotch Egg (of course), Lobster Sliders, and Blue Crab & Prawns on Toast.

Highlands: Lobster Sliders

Highlands: Blue Crab & Prawns on Toast

Highlands: Scotch Egg

This was an absolutely delightful stop and immediately shot up to being one of our NY favorite spots!

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