Saturday, September 18, 2010

Deep in the Heart of Hill Country

It didn't take long for two Texans in NYC to learn about Hill Country BBQ and since it came highly recommended from other Texans, we were eager to check it out. We had the brilliant idea of going to watch the UT v Texas Tech game, but didn't realize what a hot ticket it is to score a spot downstairs. Instead we went ahead and ate in the regular dining room and then watched the game on a small TV in the bar area.

With a bottle of Lone Star, our table full of brisket, ribs, green bean casserole & corn pudding, and a sea full of burnt orange it was hard to believe we were in New York. This BBQ would definitely pass in Texas, but of course it couldn't beat some of our favorites. Just goes to show that NYC is a magical city where you can get anything your little heart desires and there's not much to miss from the places you've left behind (except of course for the people).

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