Friday, April 6, 2012

No Monkey Business at Casa Mono

Casa Mono
I was in Gramercy this afternoon time today with my Dad looking for a place to eat. I knew it was finally time to check out Mario Batali's Casa Mono. It was the awkward time between lunch and dinner, so I thought we wouldn't have a problem finding a table, but to my surprise, the place was packed. We were able to get a couple of seats at the bar, and after a good while, we were finally noticed and brought some bread.
Looking at the menu, I realized that we immediately had a little bit of a problem. My Dad isn't the most adventurous eater and the menu is definitely advanced foodie: ox tail, bone marrow, tripe, you know, that sort of thing. Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of the non-standard animal parts myself, hence being a  newbie. However, there was also a lot of seafood on the menu, which I am more of a fan of, so when I saw the squid ink rice with scallops I was good. Finally, my Dad found a dish which appeared to be sausage and beans, so we were set. Due to these constraints and the fact that we weren't that hungry, we just each ordered a dish instead of doing more of a traditional tapas shared meal.

Sausage with Beans

The food was great, as expected. However, for me it wasn't so above and beyond that it could justify the higher prices, much longer wait, and not so fantastic service. For full blown foodies who enjoy the sweetmeats and the like, this may be top of their lists, but us n00bs are going to stick to the likes of Tia Pol and the other great tapas joints in Chelsea.

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