Monday, August 20, 2012

She's a

Coolhaus has built a reputation for having some of the most amazing ice cream sandwiches that money can buy. I've been craving one ALL summer, but they just never seem to be near me when the longing hits. Finally, tonight, I found myself in Union Square and knew my time had come.

I stood outside the truck and there was another girl ahead of me ordering. It took a while and I was "Geez, how long does it take to order an ice cream sandwich??". But then it was my turn, and I found the girl working in the truck so genuinely nice and chatty that I wound up taking quite a few minutes myself!

Despite their array of tempting options, the choice for me was a no brainer. Sweet Potato & Marshmallow? Yes, please. I suspected Snickerdoodle would be a good accompaniment and my new Coolhaus friend agreed that it would compliment the subtle flavor of the ice cream.

As she handed me my sandwich she said something that I didn't quite understand, so I asked her to repeat herself. Wait, no, I did understand the first time. The wrapper is made from potato starch and is edible! How neat!

Ice Cream Sandwich in hand, I started walking home with a bounce in my step. People left and right were recognizing the signature Coolhaus sandwich and giving me huge smiles. A couple of shop workers standing in the doorway of their store yelled out "I LOVE THOSE SANDWICHES". No joke. I felt like I was in the opening sequence of my own light hearted sit-com. Even after I was done eating, people were just WAY friendlier than usual.

Coolhaus sells so much more than just delicious, unique flavored ice cream beneath two damn-good cookies. They sell summertime magic!

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