Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sweet Sueños are Made of These

Michelada & Guacamole
Finding decent Mexican food in NYC is like the hunting for a unicorn. Everyone tells you that it's not gonna happen, but in your heart you just can't help but hope but believe. I read some good things about Sueños so was excited to try it out, especially since it's located in my 'hood: Chelsea.

Things started off well since they had Micheladas on the menu, so we ordered a couple of those and an order of Guac. They arrived and we cautiously gave them a taste and it was --

Great! Things were off to a good start so we were eager to see what the rest of the meal would bring.

Next they brought out some corn bread and black bean dip, I'm not sure if that is their customary thing to do or if the waitor was just feeling in the holiday spirit, but either way, it was great and he was awesome.

Black Bean Dip
He did such a great job selling the special of the night, Shrimp Flautas that I abandoned my go-to Mexican order of Verde Chicken Enchiladas.

It all worked out though, since The Mr. ordered the Chicken Enchiladas and I got to try them too. Delicious!

I was also totally enamored with their complete embrace of kitchy Mexican decor. Classic.

Suenos - Interior
So folks, there you have it. We found good Mexican food in NYC and even better? It's in Chelsea. It's a Christmas Miracle!!

Suenos - Courtyard
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