Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sushi Sashimi Combo

Gallery Roll
A friend and I were having a girly movie night and wanted to start the evening with sushi. Daioh Sushi is down the block and came with a recommendation so we figured what the heck. We wound up being indecisive, so we decided not to decide and let the sushi chef pick for us with the Sushi Sashimi Combo. We also liked the sound of the Gallery Roll of spicy white tuna and avocado topped with golden abiko and snow crab. Everything was good, the service was great, and it was your typical little sushi place decor. I am alarmed to see some negative reviews though, and given that nothing screamed 'I have to come back here', I am going to have to do some more investigation before I return. That being said, we had a very pleasant dinner with absolutely no issues.

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