Friday, April 8, 2011

Finding Glee at Klee Brasserie

Purchased a Gilt City tasting menu for 2 deal to check out neighborhood spot Klee Brasserie, the restaurant love-child of Austrian Chef Daniel Angerer and his wife Lori Mason.
The Scene 
It's a casual yet intimate space with lots of attention to small detail. Right down to curling ribbon around the extra toilet paper rolls in the restroom. I was pondering why I liked that ribbon so much, when I had a mini-epiphanyh. These little details show that this restaurant is someone's labor of love. They care about everything and no detail is too small to go unnoticed. Oh and don't be fooled by it's seemingly empty appearance, this was at 7:30pm, but when we were leaving it was starting to get quite full. Luckily, they take reservations.

Lago de Garda Cocktail & Amuse Bouche
We were immediately greeted with a Lgo de Garda signature cocktail of sweet vermouth, sparkling & grapefruit. Sparkling what I don't know, I'm just reporting what was on the menu, but it was bubbly and refreshing. The amuse bouche was mini-sandwiches with some kind of cheese filling which definitely amused our mouths.

Endive Salad & Rye Bread
Next came rye bread with lemon tamarind butter and endive salads with Italian sheep's milk cheese, pumpernickel dust, and yellow mustard-herb vinaigrette. Yes, you read that correctly- pumpernickel dust! If you look closely, those are the dark spots at 6 and 9 o'clock on the salad plate. It's a lot like fairy dust, but adds flavor magic instead of flying abilities.

Hand-Crafted Spaghetti 
The appetizer on the menu is hand-crafted spaghetti with spring peas and house-made Mangalitsa pork sausage. Obviously there was a swap out for shells, but they were still fresh and accompanied by house-made sausage so absolutely no complaints here. In fact, I tend to prefer pasta shapes that catch more sauce.
Iron Chef Fried Chicken
On to the main event. This is the Iron Chef winning  Fried Chicken with popcorn crust over potato salad (the secret ingredient was beer). What a dream come true. The reason I hate watching that show is I get so incredibly jealous that I can't taste the dishes, so I finally got my wish. Delightful!

Banana Milkshake
Little banana milkshake shot palette cleansers. Weren't cold like you would expect from a milkshake, but was a tasty interlude.
Milk Cake
We finished the night with a milk cake with toasted marshmallow topping and apple butter. Personally, I love soggy foods (I'm a donut dunker), so this was right up my ally, but The Mr wasn't as excited. Use your personal texture preference judgement before ordering this one.

Overall a really wonderful experience and another great deal from Gilt City

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