Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mermaid Oyster Bar with my MerMAN

Mermaid Oyster Bar
This year I surprised The Mr. with tickets to see Demetri Martin for Valentine's Day. Before the show we headed over to Mermaid Oyster Bar for our romantic date.

They actually have a really great selection of beers on tap, but considering it was a fancy night out, we decided to plunge in and order some cocktails.

Mermaid Mary and Black & Stormy
 We're suckers for shishito peppers even if they are tragically trendy right now, so weren't going to miss out on them. It's hard to see, but the lemon has one of those mini lemon nets on it which prevents the seeds from squirting all over your food. A small touch of fancy I particularly enjoyed.
Shishito Peppers
 Of course we also ordered a sampling of oysters and were not disappointed.
The Oysters
We continued with our tapas-esque meal with these adorable two-bite fish tacos served with pico de gallo.
Fish Tacos
 You gotta love going to a nice restaurant and being able to get a fancy order of corn dogs with whole grain mustard.
Corn Dogs
 And there was no way we weren't going to get the lobster sliders with bonus extra shishito peppers!
Lobster Sliders
 The Mr. loves calamari, so we had to throw in an order of that too.
 After all these Snacks we were definitely too full for dessert, but were not going to turn down the complimentary little mousse cups that arrived at the end of our meal. It was absolutely perfect, light and airy, just a little something sweet to finish up the evening!
Mousse & Fortunes
 The fortune teller fish was such a fun touch! I don't remember what these mean, but suffice it to say neither of us were cold fish!
Our Fortunes
Ambiance: 5
Food: 5
Service: 5

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