Thursday, February 23, 2012

So-Yummy Soccarat - Nolita Edition

Stuffed Dates & Fried Artichokes 
We were meeting up with friends for dinner and one of them suggested Soccarat Nolita. Having enjoyed the Chelsea location of this restaurant, we were interested to see what the Nolita annex is like. First, it's a lot bigger than the Chelsea location, which was good for our group of 8. I also enjoyed the ambience a bit more, which surprised me, since I had assumed they would be similar. But enough about the space, let's get to the food.

We started with a selection of tapas: stuffed dates, fried artichokes, calamari and potatoes. More photos after the jump.


Potatoes Daily Special
After indulging on all of these delicious bite size treats, we were more than ready for the main attraction: the paella! We of course ordered the Soccarat Paella since my friends similar believe that you should order the dish that has the restaurant's name in it. True to the restaurant's namesake, there was a delicious crispy layer of 'soccarat' rice at the bottom of the pan.

Soccarat Paella
After our experience with the amazing squid ink paella at Salinas, we suggested getting the black ink paella and were extremely glad we did. While not quite as good, the crispy bottom layer of rice more than made up for it. If someone could figure out how to get the flavor of Salinas with the texture of of Soccarat's, it would be the world's most perfect paella.
Black Rice Paella
We were more than pleased with our evening down in Nolita and liked this location even more than the nearby Chelsea one!

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