Saturday, September 22, 2012

Great Jonesin' for Nola at Great Jones Cafe

Great Jones Cafe Menu

We have been trying to find a restaurant that serves up some good New Orleans style grub here in NYC. We've tried a few and left disappointed each time. Today, we decided to try Great Jones Cafe after reading some good things about it online. We walked in to a small, one-room establishment. Lots of NoLa tchotchkes, but it felt more authentic than theme parkish.

To start we ordered there wings which were dangerously good and had a good amount of kick. The sauce was so good that we wound up eating the shredded cabbage and carrots just to eat some more of it. I say "dangerously" good, because it seemed to after a LOT of oil. Well, we wanted authentic, and Southern cooking is anything but healthy.

For our main we split an order of their Jambalaya with a side of cornbread. Mmm mmm good. We've finally found a little piece of New Orleans here in NYC that we can visit for a lot cheaper than the cost of a plane ticket!

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