Friday, November 8, 2013

Izakaya MEW: Must. Eat. Weekly.

MEW: Potato Croquettes & Sake
We absolutely love our neighborhood Izakaya, Izakaya Ten and would really like to be able to say "It's our favorite Izakaya in NYC" except up until tonight, it was the only Izakaya we've been to in NYC. When we found ourselves hungry in midtown tonight it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try another so I whipped out my smartphone and off we went to MEW Izakaya.

The first thing you'll notice is this place is right in the thick of Korea Town, also it's a bit hard to find because it's in the basement (it's essentially the basement of Cho Dang Gol). Once you get downstairs you are transported into a den of Izakayawonderland. I absolutely loved the menu, which was basically a photo album with index cards containing a picture, name, description, and price- great UI. They had so many options that we asked our waitress for some recommendations. She pointed out a bunch of options and we picked a subset of those that particularly piqued our interest:

MEW: Gyoza

MEW: Omu Soba
We also got the Okonomi Yaki (not pictured) and quickly realized we had ordered WAY to much food. We had ordered tapas style, but the portions wound up being very generous. No matter, we took the leftovers home to continue this mouth-party later. A great new find!

At a glance:

Food: 5
Ambience: 5
Service: 5

 (Out of 5)

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