Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Dang Chow at Cho Dang Gol

We finally get to Koreatown to try some traditional Korean fare. Even though The Mr is half Korean, I have had surprisingly few Korean food experiences. We were very excited when some friends took us to Cho Dang Gol, their favorite in K-Town. To start the journey off right, we ordered a round of OB beer.

OB Korean Beer
It's basically the Korean version of Bud Light. We also got some bori cha, or barley tea, which is delightful when consumed hot or iced.

Kimchi Pancake & Banchan
Kimchi Pancake definitely seemed like a fitting way to start the meal and it was delicious. Also brought out were the banchan, which are small dishes of food served with Korean meals. These run the gambit from kimchi, to fish, to seaweed and vegetables. I loved getting to try little tastes of different dishes and our dining companions loved that they came complimentary with the meal and had free refills. They also gave us some house made tofu and wow, who knew? It's so different from the packaged stuff that I'd encourage even non-tofu eaters to give it a shot.

Bulgogi Stone Rice Bowl

Chap Chae
For the main event Bulgogi Bibambap and Chap Chae were the traditional dishes we were looking for and they lived up to the task. Cho Dang Gol passed the taste bud test with such flying colors that The Mr decided it would be a great place to bring his Korean family when they visit!

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