Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Firehouse Pizza has lit a fire in my heart

My dad was in town on business so his sister and mother came into the city for a nice family dinner. I bought some wine, we got to chatting, and we didn't feel like breaking up the party to go out for dinner so we decided to just order in some pizza. I fired up Seamless Web and found Firehouse Pizza who had some pretty amazing reviews- only the best for my family! Once I saw they had a Penne alla Vodka pizza I stopped cold. I mean come on. You know what my problem is with pizza? Not enough carbs! (This is why I also can't wait to try Five Points' Potato Pizza). Went ahead and made the executive decision to order and let my family pick the second pie, we wound up with the following order:

Fried Calamari $8.50
Penne alla Vodka Pizza $18.95
Chicken Pesto Pizza $21.95

The delivery time took quite a while, but it was well worth the wait. The Penne alla Vodka Pizza was everything I dreamed it would be and more. If you are a fellow carb junkie like me, stop what you are doing and figure out how you can make this happen for you.

The Mister who is our household calamari expert proclaimed it as 'decent', which I think is probably good for delivery calamari. Not being one for chicken pizza I will also default to his opinion on that one as well which he described as "excellent".

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