Saturday, May 29, 2010

Angelo & Maxie: These dudes know steak

Sometimes I have this assumption that the restaurant across the street from you can't be that good. I mean, it's just too easy right? Hop across the street and get a great meal? Where is the hunt? Nonetheless, we need to scope out our local haunts, so to Angelo & Maxie's we went. Out came the bread basket:

Mmmmmmooo. Delicious. Especially the onion roll. And I loved the little cow that came on top of the butter, you can roll your eyes all you want. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

We started off with the Portabello mushroom stuffed with goat cheese & wild mushrooms. I'm going to let the picture speak for this one, because it was every bit as good as it looked.

Then it was time to bring on the meat. Honestly I don't remember which cut we split since that is more the Mr's department, but it was good. Real good. For sides we got the mashed potatoes and creamed spinach which I could not stop going back for more helpings of.

Now here I will add my disclaimer that we still haven't been to Peter Luger's or Craft or any of the other high end steakhouses that make boasts of being the end all be all of steak, but we enjoyed the mid-level price and fanciness range of this place. Nice for an evening out that's definitely a few steps up from Outback, but not something you have to save up all year for.

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