Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baohaus: Buns Runner Up

Momofuku's pork buns have launched The Mr. on a quest to find the best pork buns in NYC. The Food Network featured Baohaus on Ultimate Recipe Showdown so off we went. It's a small joint with limited seating, no frills, just buns. The Mr. ordered a Sidra apple drink and I went for a hot chrysanthemum tea and we grabbed some stools and waited for our buns. On our menu for the evening: The Haus Bao, The Chairman Bao, The Uncle Jesse (close-up) and Sweet Black Sesame Bao Fries. Our favorite was the Haus Bao which was hangar steak since the pork belly Chairman Bao was just a sad substitution for Momofuku's. The Bao fries sounded heavenly, but were basically bread with some sweet black sesame icing. Everything was good, but definitely not outstanding and not worth coming back for.

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