Monday, February 17, 2014

Salute a Sergimmo Salumeria

Sergimmo: Meat Arancini
Our holiday weekend trip to do the Bourbon Trail was cancelled due to the general suckiness of the weather we've been having in NYC this year, so today we found ourselves milling around our apartment when the subject of lunch came up. Our instinct was to order sandwiches from our local fave Bottino Take-Out, but we decided some fresh air would do us good. I've had Sergimmo Salumeria bookmarked for a while due to the raves of other bloggers such as NYC Food Guy.

A short walk later and we arrived in an adorable little cafe, the ambience was much nicer than I was expecting from an Italian Deli. We asked what the most popular sandwiches were and the helpful guy at the counter recommended the #1, #4, #7 or #21. We ordered our sandwhiches, grabbed some drinks from the fridge, and threw in a rainbow cookie for good measure. Then as we were about to pay, an Arancini (Rice Ball) came out from the kitchen that looked so good that we had to have one of those too.
Sergimmo: #4 & #1
(The Mr appears to be doing a papal blessing over our sandwhiches? Not really sure what was going on there...)

We found a little table by the window and quickly our food was ready. The Arancini was every bit as good as it looked. I've had a fair share of disappointing rice balls in my time and I'm happy to report that this was not one of them. The Mr. dug into his #1 "Il VIP" and I dug into my #4 "Lombardia".

1-IL VIP- Prosciutto Di Parma, mozzarella, Arcadian mix, EV olive oil
and fig spread, Sergimmo’s Specialty. $14
4-LOMBARDIA- Grilled chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes, Arcadian
mix, pesto. $10.50 
The quality of ingredients was good, no doubt, but definitely not as high caliber (or as high quantity) as our beloved Bottino. There was no choice of bread and the default rustic bread was just too hard for our taste. We weren't crazy about the addition of the Fig Spread on Il VIP and the chicken in the Lombardia was a bit dry. 

Overall, it was decent, but the final nail in the coffin for us was the high price point. For us, who live equidistant from Bottino & Sergimmo it is no contest that we'll be sticking with Bottino. However, there seems to be a lack of decent sandwich shops in the Midtown West area, so if you don't have too much time for lunch and are in that area this is probably a solid bet.

To end on a high note, the rainbow cookie was delicious. 

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  1. I am now addicted to arancinis thanks to Arancini Bros. Will have to try Sergimmo.

    1. Have you tried the Nutella Arancini at Arancini Bros?? Looks A-MAZE-ING!