Saturday, February 1, 2014

Some lovely minutes at Minetta Tavern

Minetta Tavern: Roasted Bone Barrow
The Mr came home from being out of town all week, so a celebratory dinner was in order. He was in the mood for a burger, so we decided to head out to Minetta Tavern, home of the Black Label Burger. This is one of the few remaining burgers that shows up time and time again on "Best Burgers of New York City" that he has left to try. 

Since we didn't have a reservation and it was a Saturday night, we joined the wait list for bar seating and grabbed ourselves a couple of cocktails. We were able to snag a couple of seats while we waited so the wait wasn't bad at all. Once seated, we struck up a conversation with our bartender who graciously answered all kinds of questions we had about the drinks he was making. 

A few very delicious drinks in, it was definitely time to put something substantial in our stomachs. Minetta Tavern is supposed to have a wonderful Bone Marrow so it seemed an apt time to try it. Yes! For the first time ever. I was expecting something very different. Maybe something gamey? Or an odd taste or flavor that would need to be acquired. We were very surprised to find that it's just an oily, buttery situation which is nice on toast (or "toast soldiers"). Especially nice with the caramelized shallots it was served with.

The Mr. of course ordered the Black Label Burger. He "meh-ed" the last couple of burgers we tried, so I was anxious to see what he thought. The verdict was that he loved it! The fries are winners too which helps sweeten the deal.

Minetta Tavern: Black Label Burger
As for me, I ordered the Lemon Sole off of the Specials menu and knew I was in for a treat based on or bartender's reaction. It was served over fingerling potatoes in a vichyssoise sauce and was a true delight.

Minetta Tavern: Lemon Sole
We absolutely loved our evening at Minetta Tavern and hope to return soon!

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