Sunday, January 26, 2014

Golden Ticket to Minca Ramen Factory

Minca: Pork Gyoza
We recently had dinner with a friend and not surprisingly, the subject of Ramen came up (we're a little obsessed). He mentioned that his brother lived in Japan for a time, so is a ramen snob and chose Minca Ramen Factory as the destination the last time he visited NYC. We quickly bookmarked Minca and headed there at our next available opportunity.

We arrived around 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and were able to grab two seats at the bar. It's a very small shop, so I get the distinct impression that if you came during peak times you are in for a wait. Having not eaten since breakfast, we were starving so placed an order for some Pork Gyoza to start. Then we settled on the difficult task of choosing our ramens.

I stuck with my general rule for new places- if a dish on the menu has the restaurant's name in it, then that's what I get. For that reason I ordered the Minca Sio, a salt & roast garlic flavored ramen with thin noodles. This folks was a good bowl of ramen. The pork chasu was hands down my favorite from all the ramen we've tried so far.

Minca: Minca Sio Ramen
The Mr. ordered the Kimchi Miso Ramen with thick noodles. When it arrived we both drooled since it looked absolutely amazing. I was immediately jealous. However, it didn't taste quite as amazing as it looks. It's not bad, but in the end I enjoyed my basic Minca Sio much more (although, I'm not the biggest fan of kimchi in ramen).

Minca: Kimchi Miso Ramen

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