Saturday, April 5, 2014

Are You Achin' for Some BarBacon?

BarBacon: Old Fashioned & The Drunken Preacher
For some reason there is a bar devoted to serving Craft Beer, Bourbon, and Bacon-centric food 2 blocks from my office and I've never heard of it. That is, until I received an invite to a Happy Hour located there next month. However, I couldn't wait a month to check it out, so tonight The Mr. and I decided it would be a great pre-theatre spot before our show at the nearby Neil Simon Theatre.

The Bourbon cocktails sounded delicious, it was hard to choose but The Mr stuck to his usual and ordered their special Old Fashioned, while I ordered The Drunken Preacher featuring Elijah Craig 12 yr, St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur, Lemon, Champagne, and topped with a sprig of mint. I really enjoyed this- it's the most elegant bourbon-based drink I've ever had. However, for Round 2 I had to try the Ginger Smash with Bulleit, fresh muddled Ginger, and Ithaca Ginger Beer. The Mr. went for a straight Bourbon for Round 2 and was impressed to find it was served in a legit Bourbon nosing glass.

OK, enough about the drinks- what about all this Bacon??

BarBacon: Grilled Cheese & Tater Tots
I ordered the Grilled Cheese which consisted of Gruyere & Fontina Cheeses on Amy's Semolina Bread with Fennel & Golden Raisins...oh and of course some Applewood Smoked Bacon. We also ordered a side of Bacon Salted Tater Tots to accompany our sandwiches.

BarBacon: Bacon Loves Lobster Roll
The Mr's sandwich was the Bacon Loves Lobster Roll. Nice large chunks of Lobster served on a brioche roll with just the right amount of Mayo and of course....applewood smoked bacon.

I expected a bar with a schtick and that is exactly what I got. What I wasn't expecting was that there was TOO MUCH BACON. I didn't really think that was possible and started to think that maybe I was being a wuss, but The Mr experienced the same. Walking out I was starting to feel like I had ingested so much salt that I was started to cure too.

If you don't think there is such a thing as "too much" bacon, then I definitely suggest you check it out for yourself, otherwise you should probably give this one a pass.

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