Saturday, April 12, 2014

Washington, DC Edition: Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers: Cucumber Delight, Craft Beer, Lemon-Lime Scratch Soda

After a day full of traipsing around the National Mall we were more than ready to sit down and have a cold drink and a belly full of food. Since this was an impromptu trip I had no idea where to head. Then the data network was clogged with other tourists using their phones which sent me into a mini low-blood sugar panic. Finally I was able to get enough connectivity to find Founding Farmers and I let my instinct be my guide. We hopped in a cab and arrived to a long wait which was unexpected since it was that awkward in-between lunch and dinner time. We almost bailed, but decided the wait was a good sign and to stick it out.

We were finally shown to our seats and our waitress appeared for our drink order. Our waitress was so friendly right off the bat and gave us the pitch about Founding Farmers philosophy of local ingredients and as much in-house made ingredients as possible. We were already certain that it was indeed worth the wait. 

For our drink order, The Mr. was parched so took them up on one of their made from Scratch Lemon-Lime Soda and a seasonal craft blood orange beer. I ordered the Cucumber Delight cocktail which sounded absolutely refreshing with its American Harvest Vodka, cucumber, Domaine de Canton, & cantaloupe. At first sip we were indeed delighted and couldn't wait to pick our food.

Founding Farmers: Devil-ish Eggs Combo & Bacon Lollies
For our appetizers, we selected the Devil-ish Eggs Combo that came with a Classic, Maine Lobster, Crab, & Smoked Salmon. We also got an order of the Bacon Lollies, which I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of on their own because they were ah-maze-ing. This beautiful thick-cut bacon was glazed in cinnamon-brown sugar and roasted to absolutely caramelized perfection. So many places are trying to do the sweet bacon appetizer, but this is the pinnacle of doing it right.

Founding Farmers: Southern Pan-Fried Chicken and Waffles

For our main course, there were so many delectable options, but we asked our waitress what one of the signature dishes was and when she said it was the Southern Pan-Fried Chicken and Waffles we were sold. We got it with some Mac n Cheese and some greens to really southern-it-up. Not only was it served with an adorable metal milk carton with syrup, but the plate had a presidential seal on it.

This place was an absolute highlight of our trip. Definitely a must-stop restaurant when you find yourself near our nation's capitol!

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