Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blue Water Grill leaves us blue

We've been wanting to do a 'jazz brunch' for a while now, so when the ever elusive free Sunday afternoon hit I knew just what to do. We decided on Blue Water Grill since I've been wanting to try all the places in my backyard in Union Square. Things started out well with some delicious rye raisin bread and strawberry butter that was placed on the table. Since I went nuts on the delicious bread, I just ordered the fresh fruit which was sweet, fresh and very much in season. The Mr. got the Maine Lobster and Shrimp Sandwich, which for 21 bucks we expected to be chock full of quality lobster. Instead it was swimming in mayo and unimpressive. He had also requested some extra bacon, which we were charged $4.50 for. Ok, so perhaps we were paying for outstanding service? Not so my friend, The Mr.'s coffee cup was empty the entire meal. Ok, ok, so perhaps we are paying for the jazz duo guitar and bass? Only problem with that is that they played for about 5 minutes the entire time we were there and that was pretty uninspired elevator music. Hmmm. All in all a very disappointing experience. Determined for the day not to be a complete loss I dragged the Mr. over to The City Bakery to get a Baker's Muffin & Pretzel Croissant to enjoy this afternoon.

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