Saturday, July 31, 2010

Setting The Momofuku Milk Bar

The Goods

The Soft Serve
What food blog would be complete without an entry for Momofuku Milk Bar? This place lives up to the hype. It's standing room only, so be prepared to eat your snack on the go or wherever your next destination is. We tend to get the Cereal Milk Soft Serve to eat as we walk and a Compost Cookie for a treat later on. "Hold the phone," you say "did you just say Cereal Milk Soft Serve?". Why yes, yes I did. It tasted exactly like the milk left in the bowl after you eat a helping of corn flakes and it is delicious. Oh and the Compost Cookie? It is every good snack all thrown into a cookie. Chocolate chips? Yep. Butterscotch chips? Got it. Oats? Check. Pretzels? Sure. Potato Chips? Why not? It may sound like something a only a ten year old let loose in a kitchen would come up with, but it works.

We are addicted, and we haven't even tried the Crack Pie yet.

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