Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mercadito Grove a Mexican retreat

Trio of Guacamole
Two weeks ago we introduced our friends G & L to korean fried chicken at Mad for Chicken, in return they introduced us to the concept of the Michelada. It sounded delicious so the Mr. whipped out his iPhone and found Mercadito Grove in the West Village that had them, so we piled in to a cab and were on our way. For some reason this Mexican drink has not caught on in Texas which I can not for the life of me understand. It's like Bloody Mary & Mr. Modelo got married and had a delicious baby drink. We got some chips & guac despite being full on the fried chicken and were immediately saddened by the fact that we had so little room in our stomachs. These were some Grade A chips & guac and we decided then and there to come back for an actual meal of food.

Last night I got an intense craving for a Michelada, but didn't feel like going out. Surprisingly, the craving stuck with me and remained just as intense all day. So back to Mercadito Grove we went. Started with the Callo (Scallop) Ceviche and split the Carne Tacos. Delicious, delicious, delicious. The couple next to us got the enchiladas and assured us they were just as good as they looked. Although honestly, you could easily just go and get the trio of guacamole or the trio of ceviche. I also love how if you are sitting facing into the restaurant it is extremely easy to believe that you are actually in Mexico and that the beach is behind you.

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