Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beer & Burgers with Buds at Bill's Bar & Burger

After working up quite an appetite sailing we decided we wanted a good old fashioned burger to celebrate America's independence. We could also use a nice cold beer after a misadventure with a broken clutch on the boat- yikes. Our friend led the way to this trusty burger joint and it completely hit the spot. Their Veggie Burger had actual chunks of vegetable in it and was definitely not the crappy frozen patty some places try to pawn off on you. The Veggie Fries were basically vegetable tempura and were delicious. The Mr., the burger connoisseur of the family, was very satisfied. He wasn't willing to give it the honor of 'one-of-the-best' burger joints in NYC, but he did deem it 'one of the better ones'.

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