Sunday, July 11, 2010

Republic, noodle country

Finally stopped in to try the noodles at Republic in Union Square. We were surprised at how spacious this place in inside, since it has a fairly unobtrusive little store front. It looks like they do community style seating, although we went at an odd time so didn't have to share our table with anyone. The Watermelon Juice was delicious (I imagine that would be hard to mess up), but the Vietnamese Coffee was only so-so. The Mr. got the Spicy Duck Noodles (top) and I ordered the Spicy Beef Noodles (bottom). They were surprisingly good- I say surprisingly because we've been traipsing all over The Village eating noodles without a clue that there were fresh noodles to be found in our own backyard. I also don't have the highest expectations for the restaurants on Union Square seeing as the area just keeps getting more and more touristy (such as the most recent addition, TGI Fridays).

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