Friday, July 2, 2010

Mad For Chicken makes me Happy


To celebrate our half day we went on a field trip with our coworker in hopes of finally purchasing my new DSLR. The camera shop dude was totally sketch and tried to bait and switch me. He was also trying to convince me to by the European version of the camera "all my european customers do because they don't need the US warranty". Ummm, that's great, but I'm not European, I *want* the warranty. Then, when I informed him I would take my business elsewhere, he tried to tell me how difficult ordering online was . No, actually ordering from reputable sites like Amazon or BestBuy is quite convenient and pleasant. You must be confusing me with an old person. Do I really look like a European old person? Anyway, no new camera yet for fantastic food fotos, but soon.

After that fun diversion we headed over to get some famous Mad For Chicken korean style fried chicken. I was glad we were with someone who knew what they were doing because I would have passed by the non-descript office building door at least 5 times on my own. Then, even when I was sure I had the right address, I'm not sure I would've had the guts to walk to the back and up some even more nondescript staircase and open the plain unmarked door. But lo and behold- nice chic fried chicken restaurant inside.

We got a large mixed order of their Soy Garlic chicken and went to town. The crispiness of the chicken is just as much of an auditory experience as it is a savory one. While they are no longer officially affiliated with the Bon Chon brand, there is a reason people are talking about this stuff. Trust the hype and get some. Also of note that they have extremely good mozzarella sticks. Random I know. My only complaint was that the service was a little unattentive...oh wait, and they tried to bait & switch me by offering Diet Coke on the menu but the soda I received was clearly a Diet Pepsi. This is usually an unforgivable offense in my book, so it speaks volumes that I was willing to look past this incident and enjoy my meal.

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