Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Much More Than Just Salad

With summer comes a yearning for fresh fruits and veggies and I've been craving salads like nobody's business. But after a while you get sick of the predictable lettuce, tomato, cucumber blend and want to mix it up a bit. To my delight, while perusing Seamless, I happened upon a restaurant named "Just Salad". I'm a believer in specialty stores, since they are focused on just one thing and their menu was exactly what I've been looking for- lots of interesting options. In fact, there were so many that I had a really hard time choosing. In the end, I took a gamble on one of their Summer Salads: The Jalapeno Popper. Here's the description:

Butter and iceberg lettuce, fresh jalapeƱos, kettle popcorn, aged white Cheddar, radishes, Mandarin oranges. Suggested dressing: buttermilk ranch.

So maybe you can see why I called it a bit of a gamble. Popcorn in a salad? Say what?! The reason I even dared to order this is because one of my favorite Jelly Belly combos is to eat a Jalapeno jelly bean along with one of their Buttered Popcorn flavored jelly beans and it tastes kind of like a Jalapeno Popper. I figured the same flavor trick might happen in this salad. And boy was I right. Oh man. This might not be everyone's thing, but it was sooooooooo good. I will certainly be spending the rest of my summer enjoying this new find as well as exploring the rest of their pre-prepared salad combinations!

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