Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Filling the Albert Hall

Special Appetizer 
Bangers & Mash
Purchased a Prix Fixe Dinner for 2 at Albert Hall Tavern on Living Social that I needed to use up, so invited my Dad for a night out. I thought it was a bit odd that it was paired with a bottle of wine, since to me a Gastropub is a place to drink beer and they have a great selection. But oh well, beggers can't be choosers I suppose. 
Started with an appetizer that doesn't appear to be on the regular menu. Grilled Radicchio over sweet potato with cheese, almonds, and a mustard sauce. Quite good. Moved on to their upscale version of bangers and mash. I appreciated that they stayed true to it's pub food roots in portion size and presentation, but they classed it up a bit with the shallot gravy. It was a subtle twist.

A great gastropub if you are looking for something in the Hell's Kitchen area!

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