Monday, October 17, 2011

Over the Falls for Burger & Barrel

We've heard soooo much about the famous truffle burger at Burger & Barrel that we made a beeline there to try it out shortly after moving to NYC. Unfortunately, when we arrived we were told that it is only a seasonal dish. So when we heard that truffle season is back, you better believe we found ourselves back in SoHo lickety split.

To whet our burger appetite we got an order of the Kobe Sliders. Delicious. Of course, if you are going to have "Burger" in your establishment's name, you better to do that thing very well. So far, our expectations have been met.

Kobe Sliders

Truffle Burger with Tots
Finally, the truffle burger arrived- served with an onion ring on top and tater tots on the side. Good, very very good.

If money wasn't part of the equation I'd rate this burger in my top 10. However, the price tag on this sucker is $49. Is it good enough to come back and pay fifty bucks for? No. We would have enjoyed this meal a LOT more if it was a reasonable price. Especially when I think back to the truffle burger I had at Umami Burger in LA which was even better, and clocks in at a reasonable $12.

So the next time we have a truffle burger craving, we'll put that money towards a trip to LA, or in the bank while we wait for the NYC location to open in late 2010.

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