Friday, June 18, 2010

Madangsui: Dang Good

Even though The Mr is half Korean, for some reason he has never had Korean BBQ. So when we were deciding what to do for dinner tonight I decided it was finally time for us to pop our Korean BBQ cherry.

The decor is going for the modern, industrial look (a la Chipotle), but winds up just looking a bit too industrial due to the flourescent lighting. The service is incredibly fast and efficient- bringing food as soon as it's ready, regardless of the order. All this adds up to a lack of atmosphere, so don't go if you are looking for a romantic date night, go for the food. We ordered the Jap-Chae, Kim-chi-Jeun (kimchi pancake), and Joo-Mool-Jeok (marinated short-rib) and were not disappointed with our first Korean BBQ experience.

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