Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not over the moon for Moonstruck Diner

Myself & The Mr found ourselves hungry and in Chelsea one morning looking for a laid back brunch spot with no wait when I remembered that Empire Diner has been on my radar for a while and was a few blocks away. So away we went, yet we arrived to find it boarded up and definitively closed. Well, looks like I missed out on trying this iconic diner. Darn. Well Moonstruck Diner is nearby and will have to fit the bill.

First thing we were struck by was of course the decor. It is quintessential USA diner in here folks and not in a fun, nostalgic 50s diner way. Faded, in need of repair, lame pastels. The menu was just as typical diner although I was impressed to find a 'Dieter's Delight' section. I will also say that it was impressive in it's extensiveness. I went for an egg white vegetarian omelette and The Mr. got the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich. Greasy, typical diner fare. Which was our big take-away from this joint- go if you are looking for the most dinerish diner experience possible, but not for any other reason.

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