Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Wonder of Raj Mahal

We still have not had Indian food since we've lived in the city, which is especially embarrassing since we live so close to Murray (Curry) Hill. Tonight we rectified this situation and ordered in from Raj Mahal. Here's what we ate:

Coconut Samosas $2.75
Vegetable Samosas $2.75
Meat Samosas $2.75 (we really like Samosas ok?)
Garlic Naan $3.50
Chicken Tikka Masala $9.95
Sag Paneer $8.95
Rasmalai $2.50
Firni- Free!

A feast of a reality, a few meals, all for a whopping grand total of $38.40. Not too shabby and it was gooooooood. As you can see, we like us some samosas and theirs met our standards. We ordered the Tikka Masala and the Sag Paneer spicy and for once got exactly that, even a little to spicy for The Mr. Every true New Yorker has their go-to Indian take-out place, and now we finally have ours.

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