Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maxie's does Brunch to the max

I wanted a delicious Saturday brunch, my friends wanted to watch the World Cup, I thought for sure I would have to sacrifice my dreams of eggs & coffee and settle for a sports bar. Which is kind of what I thought Maxie's Bar & Grill would be, but was happily mistaken. This sidecar bar of Angelo & Maxie's Steakhouse is a perfect blend between a relaxed place to watch a game and a nice restaurant. Us gals ordered their Breakfast Sandwich Slider Sampler- eggs & cheese on mini bagels. Not anything too special taste-wise, but I loved the concept. The boys ordered the Banana Bread French Toast which has started a new obsession with the Mr. and I now have two loaves of banana bread sitting in my freezer waiting for me to experiment with some weekend morning. The comforting thing is that knowing if I fail, Maxie's Grill is right down the street.

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