Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Casin' the Burger Joint

Well what have we here?
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We look better than we taste

I was having one of my rare cravings for cheeseburgers and was able to convince The Mr to try one of Shake Shack's rivals and Burger Joint is without question the name that comes up the most. Despite the fact that several people had described in detail how you go to the Park Meridian and find the velvet curtain with the neon burger sign, we still managed to miss it. I think it was even more inconspicuous than normal since at the time we arrived the line didn't reach past the door yet.

Absolutely love that in the midst of a swanky Manhattan hotel there is a typical middle America greasy burger shack. And the burger did not disappoint, so greasy in fact that it disintegrated the thick wax paper it was wrapped in by the time we were done wolfing them down. Unfortunately, the fries just weren't that great.

While we really enjoyed this little outing, the greasy hole-in-the-wall style isn't our favorite burger category, so for us Shake Shack is still where its at. But if dirty burger joint is your preferred burger type then you definitely need to check it out!

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